Intelligent Tank Sensors - ITS

BEDIA intelligent tank sensors are characterized by a particularly stable, but light mechanical system specially designed for “Heavy Duty Applications”. The mounting flange and measurement tube are constructed from die cast aluminium. The ITS level measuring system is based on a capacitative measurement principle. This principle per­mits measurement of levels without mechanically moving parts. This con­siderably increases stability and operating safety. All intelligent tank sensores are equipped with a BEDIA patented sensor structure that makes it possible, regardless of the fuel used, to measure the correct fuel level. The use of a micro­controller not only permits linear tank geometries to be taken into account using the intelligent tank sensor, but also many different tank geometries to be correctly evaluated by programming up to 15 reference points. Another equipment characteristic of the BEDIA ITS is the integrated switch output. This output can be set up individually as a minimum or maximum function. In addition, the switch point position, dalay time and switch hysteresis can be programmed.

Capacitive Level Switch - CLS

Wherever pressure switches or temperature sensors are today used as level monitoring elements, this sensor offers the advantage of indicating a critical condition far earlier. BEDIA level monitoring sensors differ from float-type switches in their compact design and their resistance to vibration. Since they contain no mechanical moving parts, their function will not be influenced by dirt particles or other influences. No electrical current is sent through the medium via an electrode with BEDIA sensors, an electrolysis of the medium is not possible. The function of the sensor is based on the capacitive principle. It detects the change in capacitance that occurs when an electrode surrounded by air is immersed into a liquid medium. The level monitoring sensors are designed for two different media types: For electrically conductive liquid media (water, coolant, water/glycol mixture) For electrically non-conductive liquid media (engine oil, fuels, hydraulic oil) All BEDIA level monitoring sensors may be installed in any position.


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