Introducing our latest innovation: the MJ-T1 and MJ-70K thumbsticks! Elevate your control solutions with these cutting-edge features:

  1. Unprecedented Compactness: The MJ-T1 stands as the smallest two-axis thumbstick on the market, setting new standards for space-saving precision control.

  2. Redundancy Reinvented: Experience peace of mind with full redundant output in both models. We’ve engineered these thumbsticks for unwavering reliability in critical applications.

  3. Electromagnetic Immunity: Our mu-metal housing design is your shield against electromagnetic interference. Stay focused on performance in challenging environments.

  4. Industrial-Grade Assurance: Compliant with rigorous industrial standards for radiation and immunity, these thumbsticks ensure unwavering performance where it matters most.

Discover the future of control technology with the MJ-T1 and MJ-70K thumbsticks. Elevate your applications and redefine what’s possible.