Industrial Joysticks

Our joysticks are used worldwide. You will find them in all kinds of demanding applications.
Our portfolio is big, from the soon to be released MJ-7K to the full grip joystick know as "Cobra".

We can offer most of our joysticks with different kind of sensors, potentiometer or contactless hall effect technology.
Our success is built on our possibilities to adapt our joysticks to specific needs, even in smaller volume.

With the endless possibilities with joysticks and grips it is simply too much to display on this website; we've just put a few of our favourites here.

If you see something of interest, or if you don't but are still interested in joysticks - feel free to reach out. We are always up for a discussion.

Thumb Joystick

We are about to release a state of the art Thumb Joystick, called MJ-7K.


Another Sakae classic. One customer asked "where is the middle play?". High quality all the way.


Strong, reliable and sustainable. Our latest full grip joystick is designed around comfort and performance. With a 10mm steel shaft and a completely new grip it has been tested to over 20 million operations. It's avalaible with different outputs such as CAN J1939 or CAN Open as well as analog if that is what you want. We can provide you with a potentiometer version.

This product is extremely well engineered, unmatched smooth feeling. It can be combined with a number of different grips on the market.

Cobra Joystick

Is there a more classic joystick than Sakaes Cobra?
It ensures smooth operation, available with either hall effect sensors or potentiometers.

The large Cobra grip, appreciated by so many operators can be eqipped with a number of functions. Thumbrockers, pushbuttons, mini joysticks.

Mini Cobra Joystick

The small brother to the classic Cobra. Suitable on H60 and guarantees smooth operation and long life.


Another classic from Sakae. Now with dual independent output.