Bedia manufactures capacitive level sensors capable of accurately measuring various types of media, including water, diesel, oils, and AdBlue. These sensors are particularly well-suited for environments where vibration is a common factor. The capacitive technology they employ ensures reliable performance even in situations with vibrations or mechanical disturbances.

Intelligent Tank Sensors

The BEDIA ITS level measuring system uses capacitive technology for reliable, non-contact level measurements. It ensures stability and safety without mechanical parts. It accurately measures fuel levels regardless of the fuel type and tank geometry. It also features a programmable switch output for customized functionality.


BEDIA level monitoring sensors are designed for precisely tracking the levels of various liquids. These sensors are equipped to detect when a liquid level either surpasses or drops below a specified threshold. They are particularly well-suited for monitoring aqueous substances such as coolants, AdBlue®, fresh water, waste water, bilge water, as well as oil-based liquids like motor oils, hydraulic oils, fuels, and brake fluids.

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