Comtrium’s cutting-edge products are trusted and utilized across various industries, including mining, forestry, material handling, and other key segments. Our robust control solutions are designed to withstand the demanding environments and rigorous demands of these industries.


Comtrium collaborates with construction and off-highway machinery manufacturers, delivering customized control solutions for enhanced operator efficiency and productivity. Our handcrafted joysticks, built with meticulous attention to quality and reliability, ensure seamless equipment operation.

In the realm of construction and mobile equipment, we offer a comprehensive lineup of electronic joysticks with various output options including analog and different CAN protocols. We also provide additional output types to meet diverse requirements.

Prioritizing operator and jobsite safety, we work closely with you to identify the most intuitive controls for your machinery’s functionality. Our range includes single-axis controllers and multi-axis joysticks with Hall-effect or CANbus outputs, fully customizable for a wide array of construction and contractor machinery such as excavators, loaders, cranes, industrial lawn mowers, snow plow systems, and more.


Comtrium offers a full range of joysticks and control solutions designed for wheelhouse and deck-mounted marine and boat applications. 

Multi-axis joysticks and single axis controllers are available that can be custom configured to a range of boats and marine equipment, including work boats, yachts, pleasure boats, buoy tenders, dredges, and dock mounted cranes.


From waste collection vehicles to road sweepers, Comtrium offers a full range of joysticks and control solutions to meet the high demands of the different ends of the industry. 


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