Our portfolio boasts an extensive range of products, primarily sourced from the renowned Japanese manufacturer, Sakae Tsuchin Kogyo Ltd. We offer at least 50 distinct models, each featuring various technologies, ball bearings, diverse output options, and more. Moreover, we provide comprehensive customization options, allowing you to tailor these products to your specific needs. While we’ve highlighted a few select models below, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find precisely what you’re searching for.

For many years, our potentiometers have been integrated into machines manufactured by prominent global OEMs, as well as machines produced by local manufacturers in limited quantities.

We provide standard, tailored, and fully customized solutions to meet your specific needs.



Potentiometers, single and multi-turn variants, offer versatile solutions for measuring angles in various applications.

In the realm of single-turn potentiometers, you have the choice between wire-wound and conductive plastic-type elements. Our multi-turn Wire-wound potentiometers are renowned for their ability to provide the best total resistance value and stability among all potentiometer types.

Conductive plastic-type potentiometers, on the other hand, excel in delivering exceptional resolution, extended lifespan, and high-speed tracking capabilities. However, they are primarily suited for use in the voltage divider method.

Multi-turn potentiometers, like their single-turn counterparts, provide excellent versatility. You can specify various parameters such as total resistance values, tolerances, linearity, output signals , mechanical and electrical angles. Additionally, shafts can be customized to match nearly any desired shape, and some models offer rear extended shaft options. These potentiometers are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 50 mm in diameter, and, upon request, can be equipped with IP ratings up to IP 65 for most models.

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