22HHP / 22HHPS

The 22HHPS is a low-cost, high resolution and long life servomount potentiometer with an outer diameter of 22mm.
Bushingmount type:
  • 5-turn models: 22HHP-5, 22HHP-5M, 22HHP-5E, 22HHP-5N
  • 10-turn models: 22HHP-10, 22HHP-10M, 22HHP-10E, 22HHP-10N
Servomount type:
  • 5-turn models: 22HHPS-5
  • 10-turn models: 22HHPS-10
Shaft with front and rear extension (rear shaft with 6mm dia. and 15mm length), 3-turn type, multi-ganged (available up to 10-gangs), with high torque, special shaft dia. (ø3mm, ø3.175mm, ø4mm, ø5mm, ø6.35mm), special machining on the shaft, with plastic shaft, metal bushing type (22HHPM with anti-rotation pin), simple sealed housing, extra taps (available up to 1 tap only for 10turn), slippingclutch incorporated type (20mN·m~60mN·m).

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