Bi Metal Temperature Switches



These high-power bimetal operated temperature switches are available either with normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contact configuration.

The robust round metal enclosure accommodates a resilient preloading disk, a bimetal disk and a silver contact. The compact switch system is covered by means of a plate which also carries a silver contact and is isolated from the enclosure by means of an isolating washer. The resilient preloading disk ensures excellent performance.

The resilient preloading disk keeps the contact pressure constant throughout the entire temperature range of the BEDIA switch until switching occurs. The mechanically and electrically unloaded bimetal disk snaps over at a preset temperature, with either opening or closing the contact arrangement. The bimetal will only snap back to its initial condition after the temperature has dropped significantly. Compared to other temperature controllers with relatively low hysteresis, the temperature difference between the temperature switch opening and closing is significantly higher so as to a ensure a more obvious status indication, i. e. longer switch-off times, in the event of a fault condition.