CL-608 (4×3) CAN Keypad

CL-608 (4×3) CAN Keypad Product Info:

Compact 12 button sealed CAN enabled keypad makes the CL-608 ideal for consolidating large mechanical switches and reducing wiring harness complexity.  Rugged and sealed to IP67 level, the CL-608 is also able to be mounted external to the cab.  Offered in J1939 for easy integration into existing multiplexed systems, or CANLink for easy incorporation into a system utilizing other HED CANLink modules.  Integrated I/O allows for stand-alone applications or possible elimination of I/O module for cost savings. The CL-608’s ability to survive high shock and vibration make it idea for over the road vehicles as well as off-highway market applications.



  • Programmable with Do-It-Yourself Arranger software
  • Sealed construction (IP67)
  • Long life: 1million+ key presses
  • Large 0.75” x 0.75” buttons
  • Capable of detecting multiple simultaneous key presses
  • Dimmable LED indicators (via CAN or Analog Input)
  • Optional Power LED indicator
  • Customizable button labeling / icons
  • Customizable LED indicator location & color
  • Optional 2nd Connector with I/O or for daisy-chaining keypads