Rocker switch Heavy Duty

The switch has versions such as single pole (1P2T & 1P1T) and double pole (2P2T & 2P1T). It includes circuits positioned as two or three stage maintained or momentary.

The lighting feature is offered as dependent (LED illuminated with external triggering) or independent (LED illuminated by internal mechanism). The optional LED colors offered for the lighting feature are Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White. Please contact us for other color requests.

The product is mounted on top of the panel. It is mounted easily and quickly to vehicle panel or frames offered as accessory with its specially designed latches (changeable). And again, it is dismounted with the removal apparatus offered as accessory. With these features it allows easy assembly (mounting) and removal (dismounting) for the user.

The products offer various alternatives with options such as variable electrical values​​, button designs and shapes, lighting shapes and colors, paint colors, symbols, etc.

The products are durable against vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, moisture and saline environments.

Our  Sealed Rocker Switches are specially designed to operate under severe conditions of heavy-duty, commercial, agriculture and construction vehicles



Our rocker switches are designed for heavy-duty operation in yachting, maritime, heavy duty trucks, agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles. Sealing level is IP68, and it is offered with a gasket that allows the sealing of the panel. With these features, it is durable against dust, prolonged spraying water and underwater pressure (up to 1 m). It adapts to all kinds of panels with its compact structure and provides gain in panels with limited space.


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