Linear Hall effect sensors are essential for precise measurement of linear magnetic fields. These sensors operate on the Hall effect principle, converting magnetic field strength into an analog voltage output. Known for their accuracy, they find applications in automotive systems, industrial automation, and medical devices. Their non-contact nature ensures durability and longevity, as they don’t suffer from mechanical wear and tear. Available in various form factors and configurations, they suit diverse needs and can withstand harsh conditions. Linear Hall effect sensors are vital components in modern electronics, offering precise and reliable measurement of magnetic fields, contributing to technological advancements across industries.


Linear potentiometers are vital for accurate linear position measurement in electronic systems. These devices produce a voltage output proportional to the position of a moving part along a linear path, making them indispensable in robotics, industrial automation, and medical equipment. Linear potentiometers are valued for their reliability and simplicity, operating with physical contact. They are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, offering robust performance. Available in various form factors and resistive materials, they suit diverse applications, from compact surface-mount versions to industrial-grade through-hole models. Additionally, their cost-effectiveness makes linear potentiometers a preferred choice for many applications where precision matters.

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