• Heavy duty conductive plastic model
  • Measurement range: from 100 mm to 1.000 mm
  • Resistance value: between 1 kΩ and 500 kΩ
  • Linearity tolerance: ±0.5%, ±0.1% or ±0.075%
  • Various body dimensions available
The 30FLP has a front extended shaft/using fixing nails. The potentiometer is available with medium and long stroke from 100mm to 1000mm and with a connector.
The 30FLP100A, 30FLP200A, 30FLP300A, 30FLP400A, 30FLP500A, 30FLP750A and 30FLP1000A are all part of the 30FLPA series.
Body dimensions (mm): 35x32x (depends on the type)
They all have their own specifications. For detailed information, please contact the technical sales engineers. They know which one is suited for your application.


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