Comtrium AB, is based on the idea to give the customers what they need – without jeopardising quality, safety and health. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for your application, it doesn’t matter if you manufacture 10 or thousands of machines. With our long experience, dealing with small local manufacturers as well as global companies we know what the market need. This is why we started Comtrium at the end of 2020. There is a gap in the market and we are here to fill it. Although still a small company, we gain market shares every day. We can do that becuase we have a stong organisation, based on the foundation of strong suppliers. We can offer you a standard product, we can adapt it for you and we can develop something that 100% meet your needs. 


In light of our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, Comtrium is dedicated to amplifying our pursuit of sustainability. Emphasizing a mindset that fully embraces sustainability, Comtrium strives to establish a circular environmental economy, ensuring seamless material flow within the company as an integral part of a cycle to minimize waste generation. Recognizing the significant environmental impact of transportation, we conscientiously work to reduce freight both from suppliers and to our customers. We consistently assess and refine our transport flow, aiming for optimal efficiency in our freight operations. During work trips, we meticulously explore various transport options, carefully adjusting the number of customer visits in the field to minimize our overall impact.

Great responsibility accompanies immense power. The stringent requirements for product functionality and quality within our industry are integrated into every facet of our operations. Taking complete ownership of our products’ lifespan, we stand by you from the initial pre-study through production, delivery, and post-market activities. Our overarching mission and primary quality objective revolve around being an equitable business partner, consistently ensuring satisfaction by meeting the expectations and demands of both clients and suppliers.

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