Angle Control Potentiometers

Experience high-end precision with our range of potentiometers, available in various technologies such as conductive plastic, wire wound, or hybrid options. These advanced potentiometers offer exceptional accuracy and reliability, ensuring precise control and measurement in your applications. Choose the technology that best suits your requirements and enjoy the benefits of top-quality potentiometers for your projects.
Envarvig potentiometer

Are you looking for a special Potentiometer?

Our portfolio is wide to say the least. Above you’ll find a short overview of our program and below you’ll find some of our favourites. If you need something else, let us know.

Envarvig potentiometer


The FCP12A is a servomount potentiometer featuring ball bearings and rear extended pin terminals.


The FCP12AC is a 1-turn potentiometer featuring rear extended pin terminals. It offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance..


Our 22mm body potentiometer is a timeless classic, trusted for decades. With its adaptable shaft and versatile design, it can be customized to meet your specific needs. Experience the durability and performance of this 1-turn potentiometer, tailored to suit your requirements. It’s also available with rear terminals: FCP22R


Experience the high-quality performance of our 22mm metal body potentiometer. With its single-turn design, this potentiometer delivers precise and accurate control for your applications. Trust in its durability and reliability for long-lasting performance.